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University of Pittsburgh Bradford    
2020-2021 Bradford Campus Catalog 
  Jun 15, 2021
2020-2021 Bradford Campus Catalog

International Affairs Minor

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In the Fall of 2019, the International Studies Minor was renamed to International Affairs Minor. Students who were enrolled prior to the Fall 2019 term have the option to stay in the International Studies Minor or change to the International Affairs Minor. Students who choose to complete the program under the International Studies name must do so by Spring 2024 term. There is also a 3-credit increase to the minor.

Program ContactDr. Helma de Vries-Jordan

Academic Division: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Program Description:

With the world rapidly “shrinking” because of the development of new technologies, an interdisciplinary minor in international affairs makes sense regardless of your major. A minor in international affairs will prepare you to work and live in the global community, whether you ultimately live in a small town in a rural area or a more cosmopolitan city.

If you minor in international affairs, you will have relatively few requirements to complete and a wide variety of courses from which to choose. For obvious reasons, the minor involves at least three terms of a world language and study abroad. Additional scholarship are available to help you afford studying abroad.

Browse our Study Abroad web site.

Overview of Program Requirements:

Total credits for minor: 21

Course Requirements for the Minor:

Interdisciplinary Electives (3-6 credits):

Intercultural Competency via Approved Study Abroad Program or International Field Experience (3 or more credits):

International Affairs minors are required to gain intercultural competency by participating in an approved study abroad program or international field experience. Students may study abroad during the fall, spring, or summer terms. If planning on studying abroad, students should consult with the Director of Study Abroad as well as their advisor in planning their course of study. In lieu of studying abroad, students may also participate in a directed research, directed study, or internship experience that is international in scope. Students should consult with their advisor as to which type of experience would meet this requirement and best serve their professional interests and career goals.  Students are encouraged to complete minor requirements while studying abroad.

Foreign Language Study (0-6 credits):

International Affairs minors are required to gain foreign language competency in preparing for careers and graduate study in which foreign language competency is often used as a criterion in hiring and admissions decisions.

  • This requirement can be met via any of the following credit-bearing options:
    • 1 semester of language study during a study abroad program
    • 2 semesters of elementary-level language study in one language
    • 2 semesters of language study of two different languages (1 semester in each language) Student who has passed at least 1 semester of language study at the intermediate level or higher (students may also count such intermediate or advanced language courses as interdisciplinary electives for the International Affairs minor)
  • This requirement can also be met via any of the following non-credit-bearing options, by permission of the program director:
    • Bilingual student if testing in at intermediate level
    • Student who has studied at a secondary-level institution or university outside the United States, in a non-English language

Total Credits for Minor: 21

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